Pressure Cleaning


At Max Pressure Cleaning, we provide a comprehensive suite of exterior maintenance services.  Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to make your home or business look it's best.


Pressure Cleaning – Residential & Commercial

Pressure cleaning isn't as simple as spraying hot water at high speed against the side of a house.  Depending on the nature of the structure and the reason for the wash, different water pressures and temperatures will be needed.  Inexperienced washers will use hot water exclusively, believing it is the most effective cleaning agent.  This is not the case.  Hot water can warp vinyl siding and cause other damage when used incorrectly.

A proper cleaning typically involves relatively low pressure and multiple rinses in water that is heated to meet the needs of the job.  Soaps and chemicals to remove mold and mildew will be applied between rinses as needed.  It's important to have the exterior of your home washed once per year to maintain the value of your property.  This is even more critical if you own a commercial or retail space.  Power cleaning can help you make a strong first impression with visitors and keep up with health and sanitation regulations.

Need to have the exterior of your home or business washed?  Get it done right the first time.  We're experienced at cleaning all types of materials, including stucco, vinyl, and aluminum siding.  At Max Pressure Cleaning, we work swiftly and carefully, and we guarantee your full satisfaction.

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House Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior walls and siding of a home can be a difficult job if you lack the proper equipment. Your garden hose may not do the trick. If it has been more than a year since you last had the exterior of your home cleaned, you should consider contracting a professional pressure washing company to give your house the thorough cleaning it needs.

Regular exterior washing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase your property value. A skilled, professional company will know what soaps to use and what water temperature is best based on the type of material your home is built with. Vinyl siding, for instance, will warp under extremely hot temperatures. Likewise, aluminum siding requires different techniques than stucco.

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Driveway Cleaning and Sealing

Proper driveway upkeep can have a major effect on the value and appearance of your home and can prevent asphalt or pavement damage that might otherwise occur.  Pressure cleaning is one of the fastest and most effective ways to clean a driveway, and if your asphalt has begun to wear away or crumble in places, you should definitely consider having a new layer of sealant applied.  We can provide both these services at a single low price.


Deck and Patio Cleaning

Decks, porches, and patios can become layered with dust and dirt over time and must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to prevent damage and ensure a healthy appearance.  In addition to being exposed to wind, rain, and other dangerous weather, these surfaces are often high traffic areas, making debris buildup that much more severe.

Pressure washing is one of the swiftest and most effective ways to get your deck or patio looking fresh and new again.  Contact us today to get started.


Pool Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Among all other outdoor surfaces, pool decks receive some of the harshest treatment due to the constant presence of water.  This continual dampness allows mold and mildew to form easily, making both wooden and paved pool deck susceptible to decay.  If you avoid having the proper maintenance performed now, you may have to replace large portions of your deck in the years to come to combat this damage.  Our regular cleaning and sealing will keep your pool deck clear and bright.


Sidewalk Cleaning

Even if you've gone to great lengths to keep the sidewalk in your yard or along your storefront as clean as possible, dirt and grime can build up and become firmly entrenched over time.  Dirty sidewalks don't respond readily to basic cleaning practices and need to be thoroughly, deeply washed on a regular basis.   Pressure washing with the right tools and chemicals is one of the few ways to ensure your sidewalk remains clean and appealing.


Gutter Cleaning

Rain gutters can be a pain to clean.  This year, leave the job to us.  We use specialized brushes and tools that allow us to clean the inside and outside of your gutters swiftly and safely, keeping your costs low and your weekends free.


Gas Pad Degreasing

Gas pads can become extremely dirty with grime and vehicular materials such as oil and exhaust during everyday use.  Our pressure cleaning services can remedy this and make your gas pad clean and attractive again.  Contact us for more details.


Drive Thru Degreasing

Because vehicles spend so long idling in place in drive-thrus, these areas often become extremely dirty with oil and other mechanical grime.  Letting us clean and degrease your drive thru can make your business more appealing and inviting to visitors.


Gum Removal

It can be extremely difficult to remove old gum from sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and other surfaces where it has been carelessly tossed and tramped down.  Max Pressure Cleaning provides the solution.  Our gum removal services are effective and swift.  Get rid of gum and gum stains today by clicking the Contact Us button above.

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